Interior Lighting Options

Your attraction to your home depends heavily on the quality of its illumination. Lighting does not just help us see; it also reflects our moods and provides positive energy. So, if you’re building new or remodeling a home, do not underestimate the role of lighting.

Light has psychological effects. Emotions have more intensity when lights are bright.  Good lighting is essential to nearly every part of your life. When you wake-up in the morning, the bright lights of your home shining along with the sun makes you look forward to the day ahead. On the other hand, when it’s late at night, and you are retiring to bed, you might prefer a darkness lit only by dim lights that evoke candlelight to cool your nerves and relax.

There is no cookie-cutter approach to interior lighting. Every home has its own unique lighting needs. Moreover, color can have a significant effect on a person’s psychological and physiological states. The color of your room and the color of the lighting in that room may determine whether you feel energetic or sluggish when you.  Rest assured that we will help with your lighting needs. The following types of lighting fixtures are among your options.

Recessed Lighting

With recessed lighting, fixtures are hidden away, usually in the ceiling, making it difficult to see the light source. This type of lighting is often described as “pot lighting or downlights.” Recessed lighting is effective and can be comfortably used in several rooms in a house. It brightens the ceiling area and can fully illuminate a home. It is also ideal for a home with lower ceilings.

Wall Sconces

A wall sconce is a feature that can add both an accent and light to your home. Wall sconces are a perfect addition for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and hallways. Sconces are a beautiful way to illuminate your space, and they come in numerous styles. Wall sconces serve to complement almost every design element in your home.  


Chandeliers can be pure works of art. Today, you’ll find an almost infinite selection of chandeliers from which to choose. Crystal, downlight, transitional, tiered, and rustic are just a few of the available styles.

Furthermore, chandeliers are available in different sizes appropriate for various rooms and purposes. Depending on your needs, you may opt for any of the following chandelier sizes: mini, small, medium, large, entryway, living room, dining room, and bathroom. A chandelier is different from other lighting options as it usually has a tree pattern. Chandeliers may be branched, canopied, central body-style, chain, or bulb fixtures. 

When choosing a chandelier, getting the proportions right is essential. A chandelier that is too small or too large can draw unwanted attention when its purpose is to complement the room it is in.

Pendant Lighting

A pendant light is another interior lighting decorative style available in many forms. Before choosing pendant lights, it’s important to determine the function they will serve. Pendant lights typically hang from the ceiling of a room. They are, however, much lighter and less bulky than the average chandelier. Pendant lights are a popular option in kitchens and laundry rooms. They are also an excellent option for brightening dark spots and corners. 

Track Lighting

Track light is a type of Interior lighting homeowners frequently use when they do not want to cut into their ceilings or walls to run wires.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

When it comes to kitchen lighting, more is more. It helps you better see what you are chopping and stirring and allows you more quickly to find those infrequently used tools that may be hiding in upper cabinets or dark drawers. The usefulness of under-cabinet lighting is often underestimated. 

Under-cabinet lighting usually serves as additional illumination. It helps prevent accidents and injuries in the room of the house with the most potential for cuts, burns, and falls. Under-cabinet lighting eliminates shadowy spaces. It can add ambiance to a kitchen, especially in the evening. 

Vanity Lights

A vanity light, also called a vanity bar, is a long light fixture mounted above a bathroom mirror. The counter and mirror are the de-facto focal points of a bathroom, and vanity lighting draws attention to this vital spot. Vanity lights and vanity bars come in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors. And since not all bathrooms look the same, not all vanity-style lights belong in all bathrooms. Deciding on the suitable material, color, shape, and size for your vanity lighting helps establish a bathroom’s look and mood. 


Lamps play more of a psychological role in lighting than other types of lighting. When choosing lamps, consider the mood you want to create and the tasks you will perform in the room. Then select the appropriate lamps in a style that complements the room and its furnishings. Most rooms are multi-purpose, and the right lamps can help you define zones. In a family room, for example, a reading lamp with an opaque shade placed next to a chair targets light for someone reading while keeping the rest of the room dark for watching television.

Lamplight helps to set the mood for particular activities performed in multi-use spaces.  Lamps typically are low-energy consumers. Lamps add to the aesthetics of any location in which they are placed.

Lighting is not something to take lightly when remodeling or building a new house. Lighting impacts moods and mindset. It’s helpful to make lighting choices that are flexible and can be used in many ways. Your lighting choices may also directly impact your utility bills. That said, if it comes down to it, quality lighting should be a priority since it can express a lot about the quality of your home. 

If you’re considering new lighting or a lighting upgrade as part of your existing home renovation or new custom home build, our team would love to share our knowledge and help guide you toward making the best possible decisions for your home and family. 

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