Window Options

Windows need to bring in enough light, suit the aesthetic of your home, and be functional. What you might not expect when you’re choosing the windows for your new custom home or remodel is the vast array of options available to you.

There are more than a dozen different types of windows to suit every possible need you might have for your home. Our design team will help you find the right balance for your design. With so many windows to choose from, let’s go through them so you can be more knowledgeable about all of your options.

In this post, we will provide you with information on the most common window options.

Double Hung and Single Hung Windows

Single-hung and double-hung are terms that describe how the window moves when opened. If your window is single-hung, it will open up from the bottom sash while the top sash stays in place. With double-hung windows, on the other hand, the bottom and the top sashes will both open.

These two types are the most common types of windows you’ll find in a modern house. They are practical, easy to clean, and relatively inexpensive to install. They have a very modern feel and a clean aesthetic.  They let in a good amount of light without overwhelming you with too much sunshine. Due to their popularity, it isn’t going to be difficult to source single- and double-hung windows or have them installed.

Casement Windows

These windows are incredibly popular in modular and modern architecture as they are very minimalist. Constructed mainly of glass, they open up to the sides so you can get a good amount of air and light into the room. They do have a modern aesthetic, but they also have an air of romance to them as they open up completely so you can enjoy the fresh air. Casement windows are relatively on par with the cost of double- and single-hung windows.

Picture Windows

If you’ve got a beautiful back or front yard view, a picture window may be the best option for you. Picture windows do not have bars or sashes, and they are fixed—they cannot be opened. They are essentially immovable slabs of glass that allow you to maximize your exposure to light and see the beauty of your landscape. Your view will remain entirely unobstructed so you can truly enjoy the natural appeal of your land or neighborhood.

Picture windows can be moderate to pricey depending on size. A picture window can easily be customized, and we can place a picture window at the right point in your home to ensure your view is picture perfect.

Bay Windows

Almost everyone loves a bay window. The aesthetic is one of those things that makes old fashioned Victorian homes (or any home for that matter) truly elegant and charming. They protrude windows from the exterior of a home, creating a pocket on the inside where you can opt for a window seat or perhaps place your desk for the best view in your house. Although not commonly used in kitchens, installing a bay window over the sink can provide a deep window sill while also adding architectural flair. Bay windows are highly sought after for the space, light, and atmosphere they provide.

Bay windows do tend to be more expensive than many other windows, and because they protrude from the home at a particular angle, your home needs to be constructed to suit the inclusion of such a window..

Awning Windows

Awning windows are especially beneficial for those who live in rainy climates as they open outward so rain simply slides off the glass. They are ideal for opening during thunderstorms to watch and listen  while relaxing with a good book or a hot drink. The cost of awning windows in the middle ground of all window styles—they are not as expensive as bay windows but they are pricier than the single- and double-hung windows.

Aside from being functional, awning windows add a charming modern feel to any home design.

Slider Windows

The name says it all; these windows slide open from side to side rather than sliding up or down or opening out. One window will be stationary and then the one that slides will  slide in front of or behind it. These really help open up spaces and allow more light and fresh air to enter the room. They are a really lovely and charming addition to any design and provide so much atmosphere in the form of natural light.

The prices on these vary a little bit, and they can either be in the middle range of expense or they can be more expensive depending on the size of the window.

Transom Windows

Transom windows aren’t functional at all, but they are more for visual appeal. Transoms usually are a part of a design around or above a doorway or other areas of the home where you want to break up negative space and add visual interest. Transom windows are popular in master bedrooms over a bed or in a bathroom where you may desire light in but also want privacy. These windows are relatively inexpensive as they are generally quite small and are used exclusively for design purposes.

Depending on what designs you’re looking for, transom windows are available in a variety of shapes, like half-moons, squares, or rectangles.

Arched Windows

These are named after what they represent, which are archways. The top of the pane is rounded off and they are usually floor to ceiling to allow in a lot of natural lighting. The beauty of these windows is what makes them an appealing choice as they do not open so they can’t allow in any air. But mostly these are used as a lovely focal point for your home that will add charm and elegance.

They aren’t as expensive as you would think they would be, as they don’t need any mechanics for functionality.

Egress Windows

You won’t see egress windows on most modern houses unless the houses have a basement. Egress windows are designed as a safety precaution for those who are on an underground floor or a basement in case of fire or other emergency. Some states may require homes with these underground floors to have egress windows or they will be fined.

Because they require digging out space for an escape route, they can be much pricier than you’d expect.

Garden Windows

These windows are a smaller version of a bay window, so they are structured to protrude from the house for the purpose of keeping plants. They provide the perfect place for your indoor plants to perch to get the optimal amount of sunlight and keep them out of the way of any pets who might otherwise knock them over. Garden windows are a beautiful addition to any home and are perfect if you’ve got a green thumb and want to grow some herbs or succulents on a windowsill.

They do come at a higher price since they protrude from the house. They can also come with additional bells and whistles; the sides of a garden window may open to allow fresh air to pass through.

Hopper Windows

These windows are a little bit old-fashioned and aren’t typically found in modern home builds. They require a crank to be opened and they open into the house—the opposite functionality of awning windows. They are usually found in bathrooms or smaller spaces to let out steam or let in fresh air when you can’t have a larger window in the space for reasons such as privacy.

They fall into the same price range as single or double-hung windows or casement windows; hopper windows are fairly compact and don’t require any special installation.

Jalousie Windows

If you’ve ever seen slatted blinds, you’re already familiar with the general style of a jalousie window. Instead of the blinds being what opens up to allow light in, the slats are the window itself and are made of glass and metal to open up the window that way. This allows for fresh air to enter the home without letting too much light in. They have a crank as well to help those slatted windows open, but they aren’t as expensive as you’d assume. They can actually cost a bit less than your standard single or double-hung window.

Round Circle Windows

These windows are purely for stylistic purposes. You’ll find them most often in a modern home build as they are more fashion than function and add a little whimsy and charm to your architecture. While they are seen mostly in modern homes, they are a bit of a charming homage to historical builds.

They can be fully circular, half-moon or even oval-shaped to suit whatever aesthetic you’re going for in your home. They tend to fall in the same price range as casement or slider windows.

A round skylight, for example, is ideal if you want to give a certain room more natural light (if you don’t have the wall space for windows in that room). They can suit an attic room or a bathroom and offer lovely light without taking up too much space. Typically, round or circle windows are fixed, but some designs may be able to open depending on how accessible the windows will be.

If you do want to open a skylight window, some models can be opened manually, and higher priced models can open with a click of a button. Options that open tend to be pricier.

Storm Windows

Storm windows can be built like any other window but they have a specific function: they essentially provide extra layers of glass that help create a better seal so elements like rain and snow can’t get into the home. Storm windows keep your heating or air conditioning in your home while also keeping out the harshness of winter cold and summer heat waves.

They cost about the same as your standard single or double-hung windows since they are little more than layers of extra glass and sealing elements.

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